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Year: 1997

Type: Defender 90, 2.8i (6 cylinder Petrol)

About:Land Rover offered a unique Defender between 1997 and 2000 when the group was owned by BMW, unique to the South African market…..a vehicle with a BMW petrol engine known as the M52. The M52 is a 6 cylinder, 24-valve engine with power and torque output of 145 kW and 192 hp. A little more than a thousand BMW M52-powered Defenders were built in the two body styles; as far as we can tel about 640 odd in the 90" and about the same in the 110" derivative. We have re-imagined one of these rare beasts in an understated Fuji White with high gloss black Wolf Rims, imported canvass roof and old-school cappings and blue leather bench seat (as per the traditional Series LRs).

Restoration: Restomod

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